First of all, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this time.  This morning at 7:15am MDT, Eben Buay Garner was born and immediately graduated this earth to enter the embrace of our Lord Jesus.  He was 1 pound 7.5 ounces and 12 inches long.  Upon initial examination of the placenta, it became [...]

please pray and continue

As soon as I sent the last update, things changed a bit.  The docs came in and let us know they are concerned with Lois’ platelet count.  Short story is the baby needs to come soon.

Thank you for your continual prayer.

grant and lois

and so it continues to begin…

Grant here again.  First my apologies for the delay in getting out an update on Lois and the baby.  As we are finding out, the induction process has the possibility of taking a while.  There is no normal for this but they are saying it could even take two or three days.   Something about [...]

and so it begins

Grant here.  Just a quick update to call out for prayer.  Yesterday (Tuesday, July 20) Lois was having some unexplained pain and nausea which prompted us to head to the hospital and begin our “doctor recommended” hospital bed rest.  Upon arrival many tests were done to determine the cause of the pain.  Finally, this morning [...]

Growth and Change

Two days have managed to drift by since our last appointment for the baby and everything is changing.  Let me fill you in …

Last week? Or maybe it was the week before now, (my weeks are running together) I went to the hospital one more time for bleeding.  I don’t like to consider myself alarmist [...]

Mighty & Possible

Flutter, flutter and a question floats through my mind …  Is that the baby? After sitting still a few moments and placing my hand on my stomach I felt the first FIRM kick I’ve been able to feel our little one deal.  Movement has continued and I know God is doing a mighty thing!

Everyday I [...]

Through a curtained lens

Yesterday was yet another appointment and one more day God has given this child to live.  We are praising the Lord for that and continue to wait on Him for His best in this.  I have little new to report except that the doctor was able to take one look at my belly and say [...]

Once upon an I.V.

Once upon an I.V. … yes, if stories began like that I’d be living a fairy tale.  We spent last night in the hospital, I.V. and all.  Packing quickly is not my forte I found, but we managed to get out of the house without leaving too much behind.  Nearly two hours later I was [...]


We were surprised to receive a call from the lab at the hospital today with preliminary results from the placental biopsy we had just yesterday.  Full results are pending and will not be in, we’re told, for a week and a half, but they were able to determine a few things for us.

First comments were, [...]


“I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me.“ Psalm 3:5

Smiling, once again I am walking out of my dr.’s office with joy.  God is sustaining us.  Our dr. called this last weekend to let us know they were able to schedule a placental biopsy for Monday, the 14th.  (That was [...]