and so it continues to begin

Grant here again.  First my apologies for the delay in getting out an update on Lois and the baby.  As we are finding out, the induction process has the possibility of taking a while.  There is no normal for this but they are saying it could even take two or three days.   Something about trying to get the body from zero to sixty in a short amount of time, especially when it thinks, “hey this is too early for this”.

Things are progressing nicely, though slow.  For those med heads out there, the current numbers are 50% effaced, 3 cm dilated and the baby is in position zero.  I won’t bore you with explanations, rather say we are just about half way there.  As the baby is smaller, all the professionals feel that the birth will happen without full dilation.

As in everything we have experienced, once again God’s timing is perfect.  One example of this, our primary OB doctor is presiding over the high risk labor and delivery department currently.  To put this into perspective, in addition to her normal clinic hours, she does one 36 hour shift in labor and delivery each month.  When we arrived the hospital, she had just begun this month’s shift and has been able to personally oversee everything.  It is difficult to properly explain how important this has been, but with the unique nature of our situation, no question, this has been an amazing gift from God.

We greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time.  I will make an effort to keep the updates coming, especially when this may take a while.  Continue to cry out to the Lord with us for His glory to be clear!

grant and lois

2 comments to and so it continues to begin…

  • stacie

    That’s great news Grant & Lois! So amazing to see God’s faithfulness through it all. We’re all praying for you here in Chicago and thanks so much for the updates! xoxo

  • Lauren

    God’s timing is awesome! I will continue to pray for you three!

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