Coma Series (4of4): Met

I became more alert toward the end of our stay, but there were still so many drugs lingering in my system that my body didn’t know how to handle them.  They produced in me much pain and I felt constantly off balance even in bed.  This proved most difficult as I was starting to see [...]

Coma Series (3of4): Transition

Transition to the ICU proved uneventful for me.  Grant continued to keep me abreast of what was going on, so good at talking to me whether I was responsive or not.  I knew he was there and it made everything easier.  I was in and out of consciousness and though I tried to sleep the [...]

Coma Series (2of4): Voices

Memories from there are sketchy.  I felt pain, but more often at first was discomfort from the hospital gear attached to me.  I’d gone from the kitchen to a beautiful white box to a hospital that seemed to have no concern for my well being.  They were, by far, the worst stop on the journey.  [...]

Coma Series (1of4): The White Box

Today marks the anniversary of one year since the coma.  As I write this last sentence every part of me wants to giggle.  Perhaps not the normal response, but it is nonetheless. I have been on a beautiful journey and it continues to be LIFE worth living. In celebration of who God is and the [...]

Compilation of Lois’ Epilepsy Updates

We have compiled all the updates that were sent out during both the big seizure episodes, first in January and then in June. In case you missed these, now you can reference them. They are located on the page called “Epilepsy” which can be found in the upper left hand corner of the [...]