Healing Journey Part 17: I’ll throw caution

After Eben’s birth I was ready to throw caution to the wind … meds in the trash.  Wisdom and accountability, however, did not allow me this luxury.  Grant (my husband) was not in the place of abandoning reason … I believe God has given him much wisdom and as my head, before God, I am [...]

healing journey part 16: A Faith Step

I find as people we are so quick to dismiss the workings of God in our lives.  We see him so clearly, but dismiss his power.  We stand in awe of his creation, but reason the science of it to something we can understand.  Isn’t there a beauty in not knowing?

At the same time I [...]

healing journey part 15: DEFINED

“How do you define healing?”  Sigh.  Sitting in my neurologists office just over a month ago now I was hearing the reality of my condition, the questions lingering in my dr., and the wisdom that comes from dealing with epilepsy day in and day out.  I had just had an eeg (measure of brain activity) [...]

healing journey part 14: will it cease?

Weeks faded away and before I knew it I was in the midst of another graduation.  My grandmother went to see Jesus and I know she is having the time of her LIFE!  My family, on the other hand, stayed behind and grieved the woman we have come to love so very much.  I cried [...]

healing journey part 13: Just a Blip

We arrived home for good after several days of hospital recovery, a trip home and a trip back to the hospital for a DNC and another week of observation.  Exhausted, weak and an emotional wreck I wanted nothing more than to hide myself away and grieve in silence the son God chose to take home.  [...]

healing journey part 12: believe … GOD!

For, we walk by faith, not by sight.  2 Cor. 5:7

We live in a generation … a time and place where faith is little more than a positive thought … a wish, a hope and for some, perhaps, a prayer.  I’m going to ask you a question … do you believe God?  I’m not [...]

healing journey part 11: praise, and forget not

29 weeks brought severe chest and shoulder pain and after much deliberation it was determined I had pre-eclampsia.  I‘d had it since the beginning of the pregnancy, unnoticed.  God had purpose in the time I was able to carry our son and I treasure every moment we shared.  There was no solution, but to birth [...]

Healing Journey Part 10: His Plan, not mine

We had been talking about children and made a decision  … we’d start trying when I was 6 months seizure free.  That would have been  mid-May, 2010.  Enter in  … God’s plan …  much different, often, than our own.  We discovered February 5th that we were about a month in to a wonderful new thing [...]

Healing Journey Part 9: Weeks, Months & Years

Days turned into weeks, which turned into months that then became years.  In August of 2008 Grant informed me that during the depths of sleep one night I cried, “Jesus heal me, heal me quickly.”   More months passed.  We moved to Colorado in  May of 2009 and I continued the most active seizure year I’ve [...]