healing journey part 14: will it cease?

Weeks faded away and before I knew it I was in the midst of another graduation.  My grandmother went to see Jesus and I know she is having the time of her LIFE!  My family, on the other hand, stayed behind and grieved the woman we have come to love so very much.  I cried some that week, but it was strangely comforting to know Jesus has them both … my grandma and my son are together now; and I will spend eternity with them, with the Lord and so many more … I can’t even imagine.

Our return trip brought more sickness for me, lasting two months.  I had bacteria called c.difficile … I’m not a fan!  Basically, nothing stays in your body …  it’s difficult (appropriately named c.diff.) for epilepsy drugs like mine that are time-released.  That means a certain percentage releases into the blood stream immediately and the rest hangs out in the body to release later in the day, ensuring steady coverage.  However, when you have sickness with “production” as we call it, all medication is eliminated before it can deliver the proper dose.

After 5 straight days of this elimination I had experienced no seizures.  Understand this is phenomenal! Usually after one to two days of this type of sickness I would have had some sort of episode.  To me this was great evidence of God’s working in my body.  It seemed proof of healing, at the least protection.   Others were not so sure.  Physically exhausted and tired in spirit I found discouragement knocking on the door … feelings demanding their place over the knowledge of God.  When would the struggle cease?

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