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We’ve been planning for baby.  And in the midst of ultra sounds and diaper stock we decided to revamp our closets.  The plastic hangers were getting all tangled up with the wire ones and nothing had room to breathe.  That was the consequence, and choice we made, upon downsizing from our spacious luxury closet.

So this past weekend was our time to shop, for hangers … something I’ve NEVER done.  And it was in this process we became aware of the struggle that’s raging round us.

“I just don’t believe in a God who would … ”   (a list of requirements followed).  The person speaking had a view of God that said, “I will accept you on my terms.  I believe you exist for me and I can accept you when you fit the mold I have placed you in.”

We continued to shop and we continued to hear the conversation that refused to be shut down in front of us.  I felt like an eavesdropper, but everyone did.  It was hard not to pick up the pieces of voices floating through the air.  It was hard not to notice.  And then I heard it … “I read a book some time ago and I was finally able to accept the version of God set forth.  He is all loving, but is definitely not all powerful.”  My mouth dropped open.

Upon reading a book that someone else had written this person had formed a view of God that they could accept, one that fit their mantra … their life pursuit.  There was no relationship here, just a one-sided process of selfish indulgence and demands.

And, because God had to “fit the mold” there was no God, not really.   He’d not been given a home and a lie had been put in HIS place.  So, instead of running to Jesus this person was running to books … arguing theory and debating the goodness of God.

That was their lens.  There was the lens of the one they were arguing with, my lens … my husband’s.   We all came into the room with a different perspective, a different point of view.  Each of us carried different thoughts, gifts and emotions.  And, our experiences, whether we liked to admit it or not, colored our world.

So often these are the differences that make us struggle and argue and clash.  But they are meant to draw us together, unite and make us strong.  We aren’t meant to use our lens.  We need to see through God’s.  He can make our vision clear.  He wants us to believe HIM.  He wants to be our teacher… our counselor.

Sometimes we need to lay aside the book we think is so profound and seek HIS face.  Ask Him what that means!  He is not to be accepted on our terms and He will not change because we have a mold to fill.  Our voids can only be filled in relationship with HIM, and relationship means living in reality … accepting GOD for who he is.  We may have to get to know what that means.

What does it mean to seek HIS face?  What does it mean to believe HIM?  Is there something He’s asked of you … something He wants YOU to BELIEVE?

Relationship is a process … and, for most of us, process is just hard.  But, relationship IS worth it and we were meant for this.

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  • Deanne Stieb (Klitz)

    Lois, I found you! I just spent the entire day reading about your journey these past several years. So very excited for you and Grant as you get ready to welcome your little girl to this world. She is nothing but a blessing from above and will be so lucky to have such loving, caring parents. When you have a moment and can touch base, please do. I have missed my friend! Love, Deanne

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