be a child

Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child, this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. mt.18:4

Pancakes are worth the wait … almost every time.  Saturday is usually relaxed and dreamy at our house and we were craving pancakes.  Lacking the one ingredient we needed to make them ourselves, [...]

love notes

A word can mean so much.  It can paint a picture, it can build up, and it can destroy.  Yet until today I had not realized that words, apart from the relationships they exist in, are meaningless.  My husband gave me flowers for Valentine’s this year.  The attached card read, “Lois, [...]

just in case

After taking them in His arms, He laid His hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10: 16

First gifts are challenging.  Do you know what I mean?  When my husband and I were first dating, Christmas came up fairly quickly; and I was not prepared to give him anything worthwhile.  We were not at [...]

Rotting Beauty

“Don’t judge a book by its cover!”  A classic line of mothers and fathers everywhere (at least where I grew up) reminding children to remember well, not to judge and play nice.   Sometimes the candy wasn’t as tasty as the wrapper made it look and sometimes the mean dog down the street just had a [...]


“One is the loneliest number” … really?  I have to admit I’ve not really listened to this song.  I couldn’t even tell you who sings it, but I can tell you that this is the main line that sticks out … it’s famous.  One is the loneliest number, right? Or is it?

I woke myself up [...]