6 months … laughing!

January 24, 2011 … Jesus I love you!

‎”He will certainly accomplish what he has decreed for me” … Job 23:14

Remembering is important.  We named our son eben buay.  Eben is short for Ebenezer, meaning stone of help in Hebrew.  An ebenezer is a place of remembrance.   It allows us to recognize God has helped us [...]

reminders in white

Snow has been falling this week and I’ve been reminded about the people we truly are.   A phenomenon began to take place outside our window this week and I have to admit I’ve been enjoying the progression of life here in our little city.   White flakes are nothing less than drama in the south and [...]

see me see you

Dreary exhaustion has taken over and I find myself excited to move forward, but struggling to make the steps.  I am in a new place, in a new year and much of the last season has already fallen away, but I can feel the remainder of all that has been, threatening to take hold.  Packing [...]