reminders in white

Snow has been falling this week and I’ve been reminded about the people we truly are.   A phenomenon began to take place outside our window this week and I have to admit I’ve been enjoying the progression of life here in our little city.   White flakes are nothing less than drama in the south and the night before “the big snow” some people in our building were commenting on how there was no meat left at the grocer as the masses were stocking up as if the end of the world were near.

We woke the next morning to, well, nothing worth talking about and life moved on as normal.  It was the next day, when it looked like all the reporters were wrong,  that the snow came … just enough to keep grant home from work one day.  As he worked, I watched the snow phenomena.

Below us, the little cars that ventured out were producing beautiful artistic blank features in the pavement making me wish my camera were charged.  As the hours drew on I looked out my window to see, “Love My Wife!” etched in the snow below.   I wondered … does someone really love their wife or do they want someone else to love their wife?  A fair question I think, though I tend to want the romance.

The next day we moved from love to the frustration of dealing with snow I’m thinking as, “grrrrr!” appeared.  Maybe for a completely different reason?  In any case more messages were starting to appear and I feel as time drew on were bound to go downhill.  It’s just our nature to be negative at some point about something.

The plow did come yesterday to sweep these away and I’m left with one.

Above all the others on a roof where no plow can reach is a snow covered square and on it a heart continues to remain.  My thought is there must be a continual source of heat that just keeps this shape going, but God is reminding me that His love is unchanging, untouchable and that makes me smile.

It’s the little things … are you watching?

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