photo by: Christa Kimbal

I was sitting with my brother, a few days ago now.  Out of the blue he said something related to the conversation and it felt harsh.  My response was,  “Are you ridiculing me?”   I wasn’t sure what to feel.  His face never shifted and he said these words:  “If [...]

one hug only.

photo by: laura ruth

Our agenda was produce.  We needed some peppers (which seem to be constantly working their price point up?) … side note, I know.  We selected the perfect specimens and as we turned to leave a little girl comes up to my two year old, scoops her up in her arms, hugs [...]



I’ve been waiting for that perfect time to start writing.  Truth be told … it never comes.  I write in the corners of my mind, scrawling in my memory the words I hope to put on the page, but always seem too busy to actually put down.  Carpe diem!

It’s time to start acting.  It’s time [...]

the runner.

photo by: laura ruth

Running.  That’s what it feels like I’m doing so often.  I can be seated or standing or well, doing yoga, but the runner in me keeps going.  It’s about my inner man … letting go of me and accepting what I need.  The reality is that I need help.  I need [...]

like chips.

Photo By: Laura Ruth

“Hello.  Goodbye.  Hello. Goodbye …  Should I make brownies?”  On goes the inner dialogue.  I sit and gaze at the blank page and … no words.  Inevitably, I’m left with brownies.   I’d better get writing!

I’ve been avoiding this.  That’s the only explanation.   Writing will bring the truth home, but do I [...]


Photo By: Laura Ruth

Napping … normally I like it. But, recently it’s come to mean I’m deprived.  I haven’t met a person yet who likes it when you point out their lack.  It’s a relational rule.  You just don’t do it.  If you think it, you keep your mouth shut and keep walking because [...]

stop. rejoice. remember.

Maternity leave … I guess that’s what I’m calling the last four months of writing silence.  But, as all seasons end, so, i think, has this one.  I am looking forward to starting up again.  I miss the clarity of having thoughts, strung together so perfectly I have no right to claim them.  Here’s hoping [...]

one on the ground

Waiting … we don’t like it.  Sometimes it’s a long drawn out process of what seems like agonizing question after question, even defeat after defeat.  But in the process God is molding us and shaping us, stripping from us the ugly and replacing it with beauty.

And we must wait for many reasons.  If we truly [...]

whose? lens.

Photo By: Laura Ruth

We’ve been planning for baby.  And in the midst of ultra sounds and diaper stock we decided to revamp our closets.  The plastic hangers were getting all tangled up with the wire ones and nothing had room to breathe.  That was the consequence, and choice [...]