pink flower

I’ve been waiting for that perfect time to start writing.  Truth be told … it never comes.  I write in the corners of my mind, scrawling in my memory the words I hope to put on the page, but always seem too busy to actually put down.  Carpe diem!

It’s time to start acting.  It’s time to take the moments I have wherever they are and use them.  Is there something like that in your life?  Honestly, after a full day of running after an almost two year old and managing a household I don’t always feel like doing much of anything.  But, if God has called you to something you must be willing to take the steps that others will not be willing to take.

I don’t know what it looks like for you.  My journey right now is ever changing.  God is changing my schedule to fit the call he has for me.  And, I have to admit I fought it a bit last night.  I wanted to stay up later than I should.  And, here I am, needing my energy to sustain me with the babe that gets up by 7.

He has a plan and if we surrender … what sweet harmony.

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