photo by: Christa Kimbal

I was sitting with my brother, a few days ago now.  Out of the blue he said something related to the conversation and it felt harsh.  My response was,  “Are you ridiculing me?”   I wasn’t sure what to feel.  His face never shifted and he said these words:  “If [...]

one hug only.

photo by: laura ruth

Our agenda was produce.  We needed some peppers (which seem to be constantly working their price point up?) … side note, I know.  We selected the perfect specimens and as we turned to leave a little girl comes up to my two year old, scoops her up in her arms, hugs [...]



I’ve been waiting for that perfect time to start writing.  Truth be told … it never comes.  I write in the corners of my mind, scrawling in my memory the words I hope to put on the page, but always seem too busy to actually put down.  Carpe diem!

It’s time to start acting.  It’s time [...]