Photo By: Kasia Koniar

I’ve always loved the idea of a masquerade ball.  Perhaps because I’ve never been to one, unless you include movies watched, and I find even movies aren’t made up primarily of balls and pretty masks.  I always wondered why a mask was so fruitful in knocking people off someone’s trail, when [...]


Photo By: Kasia Koniar

Your name is a strong and mighty tower, your name is a shelter like no other, your name, let the nations sing it louder … nothing has the power to save, but your name…

I looked ahead, through the rows of heads.  Towards the front was a little girl.  She [...]

in the parlor

Photo By: Christa Kimble

“She packed it all and headed South.” That’s how this story began.

I moved to Nashville in 2004, in love and prepared to start a new life, whatever that meant.  Post college a few years I still felt I wasn’t quite old enough to marry, to live on my own, [...]