Holidays come and go.  I began mine on a plane to Rome just before Thanksgiving and when we landed in Venice (only a slight detour) a change of pace was expected.  I didn’t realize the changes I would make.  I began trading my silent and precious moments with Jesus for moments filled with cultural joys; and though they were wonderful and different and good, I was missing my time with my first, true love.

I hadn’t planned this.  Yet, somehow between amazing cappuccino and pasta primavera I was just overtaken.  And, it showed.  By the end of the trip I was dry, weary and desperately longing to be in HIS presence.

Oh, I may have looked great to the weary outsider.  We weary ones have a way of seeing each other and believing the other has it all together.  Why must we compare?

For the record I was weary because I had walked away from my life source.  I knew where he could be found and I was choosing to spend my life on other pleasures, for the moment.  And in my weary choosing other than him, he chose me.

I could hear him showing me his goodness.  His effort towards me never failed and somehow, he still chose to speak to my heart.  I wanted to run back into his arms.

Holidays come and go.  My holidays came and went.  But Jesus, he remains.  He enters in and he has chosen love.   He sent his son and came to us.  He is still coming to us, speaking to us, wanting us to know him.  Are you listening?  Have you been ignoring that tugging at your heart?  Have you been taking “holiday?”

It’s a wonder we ever flee our father to seek rest and life elsewhere, for He IS REST and LIFE.

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