be a child

Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child, this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. mt.18:4

Pancakes are worth the wait … almost every time.  Saturday is usually relaxed and dreamy at our house and we were craving pancakes.  Lacking the one ingredient we needed to make them ourselves, we decided to have a morning out together.

It’s been some time since I’ve been to the Pancake Pantry and Grant, knowing there would be a bit of a wait (he’d called ahead) let me out at the front to get in line while he parked the car.  Since he’d called, the line had become increasingly longer, stretching out the door and around the block  … it’s just how it works.  But, it wasn’t really moving.

We debated leaving, but really wanted those pancakes and how long could it really be?  Fortunately for us several other people decided they’d help us out and go somewhere else for breakfast.  And, we’re a party of two … can you say, “small table?” But, this is not the story of me timing us in line.

Waiting, you get to know little things about people.  Where are they headed (some people talk loudly), what do they like (some have already planned what they’re going to order) and habits … there was a woman standing in front of us who’d been waiting for her daughter to arrive for at least 10 parties.  And, we learned that she runs late frequently.  But the most striking of all our observances on our pancake run Saturday morning, was the most silent.

Children, if we’ll just pay attention, have so much to say.  As we stood in line two little boys played together quietly, making boy noises as boys do.  Not thinking much of it, I smiled.  And then, Grant pointed this out:  Dad #1 and Dad #2 were standing about a foot apart, each acting like the other didn’t exist.  Outside appearance suggested they both came from very different places in life.  Their boys loved each other, but their fathers had no interaction whatsoever.

As I watched this scene, it struck me that this is what we’ve become.  We are grown – ups now.  Have you ever said that to someone … oh, grow, up? We stay out of other people’s business and don’t make the first move, but we’re all waiting for that little child to come running up to us, wrap their arms around us and say, will you play with me?  We all want to be loved, but someone has to do the loving.  Maybe you’re the one!

We’re all children … deep down.  And we’re meant to be!  Here’s the challenge: meet with Jesus, ask Him who He’d have you love today and then GO! Meet them for coffee, call them on the phone, invite them over for dinner.  And if you have to make the first move … Be a child!

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