my little italyIt sounds Italian (and I very much want to go to Italy) and when I say it, I almost feel Italian.  However, I am not Italian, no trips are planned at present and though I like the sound of it rolling off my tongue, this word (that we just made up) has nothing to do with Italy.

We’ve fallen in love with every place that we’ve lived.  God is good like that.  He’s taken us away from those places we thought we’d belong forever and changed our perspective to something new and different with purpose all its own.  His work is ever changing and we don’t claim to know all he’s done as he’s moved us, but we do know a chapter and verse from each place belongs to our souls.

Denago … Denver, Nashville, Chicago – it’s a culmination of emotion.  Thoughts, feelings, death, life, hardships, trials, patient waiting, mystery, wonder, time lost, time gained … the list does not end and lives, teaching us new things from new perspective daily.

So, if you come visit we might just have pasta … wine if you like and maybe, just maybe a portion of perspective to share.  From our window we see three cities.  One view gives us Denver! Another, Chicago … Together, we’re in Nashville.  Come visit Denago!  It’s not quite Italy, but we’d love to see you!

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  • I miss you my friend and REALLY hope I can see you very soon!! Love you bunches!!

  • Mom

    Good morning dear ones,
    Just got caught up on ALL the blogs from #9 on! (Where have I been???) Loved them all and am blessed by your writing dear daughter. I am also humbled by how God is “growing” you.
    Loved the new Italiano word “Denago”! Altho’, shouldn’t it actually be “Flanago?” No matter…sounds good rolling off the tongue. So, when are you planning the Italy trip?
    Hope the Chicago reunion time was great. Can’t wait to hear about it. Joseph & Lupe are heading this way and should be here by the weekend.
    Love you both,

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