“One is the loneliest number” … really?  I have to admit I’ve not really listened to this song.  I couldn’t even tell you who sings it, but I can tell you that this is the main line that sticks out … it’s famous.  One is the loneliest number, right? Or is it?

I woke myself up this morning singing (in my head) one is the biggest number.  One is the biggest number.  And then in dreamland I thought, one isn’t the biggest number.  Immediately I knew I was wrong and that one is the biggest number because we are all one.  God is one.  The trinity is three in One.  We are One in Christ.  And all of us together are One.  One is the biggest number!

We don’t think of ourselves as belonging to one another.  I know this, because if we did we would care for one another as we do ourselves.  I know this, because I am challenged to love my neighbor as myself.  And I know this, because there are moments, when I forget that even my own husband and I are one and everything we do affects the other.  I just forget.

We need to be reminded. We are one.  When we sin, we are affecting our nation (don’t pretend you’re just in this yourself). And when you win, we win with you! We all have different gifts to serve one another and my gift is your gift.  Think about the beauty of that!  WE are ONE in Christ.

ONE IS the BIGGEST number! It should never be lonely … it should always be blessed!

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