Transition to the ICU proved uneventful for me.  Grant continued to keep me abreast of what was going on, so good at talking to me whether I was responsive or not.  I knew he was there and it made everything easier.  I was in and out of consciousness and though I tried to sleep the constant hustle and bustle of dr.’s in and out made it difficult.  At the same time I didn’t feel like I cared about much.  Things were what they were.  I didn’t like them – they just were.

Not able to help my situation, I waited.  I couldn’t heal my body and God didn’t seem to be doing that just yet, so I needed to be patient.  I was frustrated with the weakness of my body and as I lay before the Lord I cried out, “heal me.”  Then I remembered that he already said he would; and that would turn into thanks and so in tears, in pain, in my agony before the Lord I accepted this next step, whatever it was, and kept going.

Through the next few days I would experience much pain and discomfort, but God was with me in it all.  Your prayers were and are so valuable.  The latter part of James 5:16 says, “The intense prayer of the righteous is very powerful.” I believe we experienced these.

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