I became more alert toward the end of our stay, but there were still so many drugs lingering in my system that my body didn’t know how to handle them.  They produced in me much pain and I felt constantly off balance even in bed.  This proved most difficult as I was starting to see more, have more questions and be able to determine more in my own mind about what was going on … that combined with the symptoms I’d been having and you have quite a combo for frustration.

It was here that God met me.  Grant had been struggling with the dr.’s regarding a drug issue (more info. available in epilepsy June 8).  I had no idea what was really going on, nor had I any real concept of how long Grant had been without sleep, but I could feel something was wrong.  In the middle of the night I looked over and I could see him pacing back and forth, struggling. I wanted so badly to be able to help him, but I knew I didn’t have the power.  There was nothing I could do, but be. Grant left to fight for me, convincing the dr.’s of their dosage errors and God met us both.

Purple smoke came through the doorway.  It was beautiful, much like a cloud, but purple – like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Coming through the doorway it moved towards my bed and upon reaching it, hovered over me covering me completely.  I felt such peace in that moment and was able to sleep, needed sleep.

The first of many beauties I saw in the hospital, this cloud at first made me wonder if I was hallucinating.   I asked God, “Am I hallucinating?”  But the more I understand who God is and what it is to hallucinate I know this was something very different.  That night my mother couldn’t sleep and got up to pray.  She prayed not that I would be healed nor that I would be free of pain, but that God would meet me in that hospital room wherever I was.  He did!

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