and so it begins

Grant here.  Just a quick update to call out for prayer.  Yesterday (Tuesday, July 20) Lois was having some unexplained pain and nausea which prompted us to head to the hospital and begin our “doctor recommended” hospital bed rest.  Upon arrival many tests were done to determine the cause of the pain.  Finally, this morning (Wednesday, July 21) at approx 6am, the doctor’s came to the conclusion that Lois is experiencing Preeclampsia (  If you know anything about this condition, it is quite serious and the only treatment is delivering the baby.

And so it begins, literally, as we are currently preparing to deliver our son.  Please pray that God be glorified throughout the process and that His will be done.  Of course we continue to cry out with our desire that He would grant safety and health to mom and baby.

More updates to come.

grant and lois

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