Once upon an I.V.

Once upon an I.V. … yes, if stories began like that I’d be living a fairy tale.  We spent last night in the hospital, I.V. and all.  Packing quickly is not my forte I found, but we managed to get out of the house without leaving too much behind.  Nearly two hours later I was checked in and baby and I were getting the “royal treatment” so to speak.  Just imagine.  We went, due to bright red bleeding which is not normal.  For the sake of all you readers out there I won’t give all the details, but let’s just say everything was not normal and there was cause for concern.

After a night of monitoring, extensive checking of this and that and blood work that returned normal we were given the all clear.  We’re still not “in the clear” so to speak.  Bleeding has not stopped and is still concerning, but without other signs to point to, there is no reason to keep me in the hospital at the moment (aka. there is “no cause for concern”).  I will stay close to the hospital for the moment and keep the updates coming … God is good!

I find myself wondering if this saga of hospital stays and wonder and struggle is about to end and then I realize that whether it’s hospital related or not there will be struggle in life.  I’m promised LIFE IN CHRIST and with that also comes the fellowship of sharing in His suffering, becoming like Him in His death (phi 3:10).   It may be hard, but I know from what I’ve experienced thus far that this fellowship is sweet!  Maybe I am, in fact, living a better story than even I could imagine.

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