We were surprised to receive a call from the lab at the hospital today with preliminary results from the placental biopsy we had just yesterday.  Full results are pending and will not be in, we’re told, for a week and a half, but they were able to determine a few things for us.

First comments were, “everything looks normal.”  Sigh.  Good news! I like normal.  There is no presence of Down syndrome, Trisome 18 also known as Edwards syndrome, or Trisome 13 also called Patau syndrome.   Chromosomally they were also able to confirm that it is a boy.  Ten days or so till the full results are in, but this was encouraging.

Thanks again for your prayers!  You are a crucial part of this process!

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  • sedera

    Wow, Lois…just reading and catching up to you and Grant’s blog. I love being able to know what’s going on in your lives. Thank you for sharing your hearts, emotions, thoughts…your words, wisdom, and FAITH spur me on in my walk with the Lord. Luke and I love you guys! His banner over you is LOVE! XOXO – Sedera

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