“I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me.“ Psalm 3:5

Smiling, once again I am walking out of my dr.’s office with joy.  God is sustaining us.  Our dr. called this last weekend to let us know they were able to schedule a placental biopsy for Monday, the 14th.  (That was today).  We were launched into two days of prayer and talking pros and cons.  Would it make a difference for us to have more information?  What would we do with that information and if we miscarried because of this biopsy would we be destroyed?

Wrestling with the tough questions has become commonplace, but I’m coming to understand what if’s are “for the birds.”  One step at a time we deal wisely with what we absolutely know and we let God handle everything.  If there’s something we don’t know we don’t make decisions based on what might happen and we always cry out to Jesus for His wisdom.

After it was all on the table we decided to go ahead with the biopsy.  Driving from our home at 6:15 am was a bit brutal, but the 8:15 am appt. went well.  It was a quick procedure. Grant held my hand as the numbing needle proved quite painful, but it was over in a matter of minutes.  My prayer was for protection.  As the needle pierced my belly my heart cried, “God, protect this baby!”  I know he heard me.

We met with our OB shortly after.  We were able to give her the good news from last week that I have no more pain in my abdomen.  Everything else looks good and I was even able to escape a blood draw.   For the first time I was also able to let her know I had felt fetal movement.  Every week someone asks, “have you felt the baby move yet?” Every week I say, “no,” but as we waited in the lobby this morning I felt a distinct movement I can’t point to anything else.  I felt our little one move.

This is the 24th week, but we have a long way to go … thank you for praying, for reading, for being involved in our lives!

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