Through a curtained lens

Yesterday was yet another appointment and one more day God has given this child to live.  We are praising the Lord for that and continue to wait on Him for His best in this.  I have little new to report except that the doctor was able to take one look at my belly and say it had grown.  Our baby is currently small, as am I, so this was exciting.  In addition, I’m starting to feel the need for more food (aka. hunger pangs), so maybe he’s going to surprise us all.

We also met with a neonatologist to get her perspective (more from the side of the baby) on things that are happening as we move forward.  There are many potential risks … let’s be honest, there always are.  However there are many factors that we can’t predict, can’t know, and can’t see.  It was encouraging to hear they didn’t know much right now because they can’t see, feel, and touch inside.  It’s as if they are trying to give us their best based on their views through the lens of a giant curtain.

God is not limited, however to this curtained view and our prayer is that we will continue to trust His vision and enjoy Him as He shares with us more of His heart in the process.

2 comments to Through a curtained lens

  • Brianna

    Golly! This makes my heart SO happy!! Jesus loves that baby boy SO MUCH!

  • Lisa edington

    I am a college friend of Grant’s and have been following your blog. I am praying diligently for your little guy that he will be full grown, full term, and a man after God’s own heart. He is blessed with a wonderful, Godly mother. You have inspired me with you faith.

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