Frequent Flyers

One, two, three doctor appt’s., what’s becoming the weekly blood draw, and one hospital tour later I have officially been dubbed a “frequent flyer.”  All of you who have become immune to the joy of flying, take a look around and appreciate it once again.  It may be one day you’ll be grounded, as I [...]

Good news

Though we were simply too tired to update you all last night we have received a good report from the dr.’s regarding the blood work done on Tuesday.  Everything came back normal … no hemorrhaging and the fluid on each side of the membrane is likely amniotic.  There is no way to determine this for [...]

She said it again

“I’m not God.”  She said it again today.   It wasn’t the first time our dr. has mentioned her all knowing inability.  Delivered as most other pieces of information, the good news, potential bad news, facts and potentialities, this statement I find most comforting.  Though there is much we can see, there is much we cannot.

The [...]

Just The Facts

Thank you all for your prayers in regards to my epilepsy. We treasure them … we treasure you! I have great news on that front: As of May 17, 2010 I have been seizure free for 6 months. Glory to God! We continue to move forward in the grace he provides, [...]