Mighty & Possible

Flutter, flutter and a question floats through my mind …  Is that the baby? After sitting still a few moments and placing my hand on my stomach I felt the first FIRM kick I’ve been able to feel our little one deal.  Movement has continued and I know God is doing a mighty thing!

Everyday I feel more joy not because we’ve made it another day, but because God is confirming His word, revealing truth, and showing us tangibly his goodness.  He is doing a work that only He could do and we walk in faith that is strengthened daily.

We received final word yesterday on the analysis of all the genetic testing done as a result of our biopsy.   Everything is normal.  Nothing is wrong chromosomally or otherwise … as far as they can tell.  Of course, there’s always the caution they can’t see everything so something could be wrong, but I’m rejoicing in God’s perfect purpose for this baby and sense a deep peace about what’s happening.

Our appt. today was a continued God happening.  We had anticipated needing to go in playing defense, “enforcing our game plan,” so to speak.  Our doctor has been continually wary, wanting to keep a very close watch on me, and some of her first comments today were, “I don’t need to see you as much anymore.”  (jaws drop)  So, we’ll be going in less frequently (probably every other week at first) barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Little one is sounding great …  his heart beat is good.  He had the hiccups today (he must be mine) and I was able to feel him respond as she moved the doppler on my stomach.  It was a very new experience for me.  No ultra sound was involved, but I felt more involved and connected with our son.  Since we have not had an ultra sound recently we are not aware of the amount of fluid present, but movement is very good.  Thank you for praying!  Continue to lift these next 14 weeks up in prayer.  We have a long way to go, and everything is possible with GOD!

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  • Hannah


    This is amazing. Isn’t it the most amazing feeling to be a mother and feel your little one move inside of you? Treasure those moments. I always miss that the most once the baby is born. Still praying for you guys. We have a big God.

    -Hannah Garst

  • sedera

    Do you remember feeling my belly while I was pregnant with Josiah? Your face was covered in joy and I remember you saying that no one had let you feel their baby move before. PRAISE GOD…now you get the chance to feel your own little one explore his space! I’ve got one big smile on my face right now…blessings my sister!!! Love you! give grant our love and the little one a squeeze! – – sedera

  • Yay! Yay! Praise the Lord! Rejoicing with you, girl!! =) =)


  • Michelle Selle

    What a blessing! Oh my heart is so happy for you guys! I enjoy reading your blog as your faith is absolutely amazing. What a testimony you are to those around you. We are continuing to pray for you and your baby boy.
    Chris, Michelle, Ainsley, and Adison Selle

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