Baby Journey Part 3: Peace

Until you have experienced this life giving peace, I suppose it may seem illusive – impossible.  But, in the stillness, where the worry and wonder creep in, we have come to know peace and a calm like a deep, smooth sea.  There is indeed a peace that passes all understanding! (Phil. 4:7)

It had been several weeks of dr. visits, information, thoughts from strangers, family, friends’,  … the “input” list was intense.  Somewhere amidst all the information we just needed a break.  It’s like the saying, “everything in moderation.”  Even good things in bulk can be, well, not so good.  So, we went to a movie.

As the previews scrolled up guess what …  a documentary all about babies.  Grant and I sat there and smiled.  We looked at each other and I’m pretty sure I said, “Oh, that’s so cute.”  Considering what we’d just been through, in my mind, it seemed logical to cry and be sad, but I wasn’t.  No part of me was in pain.  I was all joy for these babies were delightful.  I remember the documentary preview now more than the movie … in fact; I’m not sure what we saw.  But, the peace of God was there in that theatre – with us as we left.  He is walking with us, enabling us to do that which He has called us to.

I have had more joy not understanding – just accepting.  Each day brings a new question, a new joy, and the deep abiding peace that can only come from Jesus.

2 comments to Baby Journey Part 3: Peace

  • Mom

    “Cool Runnings…Peace be the Journey!” Oh, what a GREAT BIG GOD we have. Rejoicing with you…can’t wait to see you and “feel” the kicker! Love you 3, Mom

  • Lois Webb

    I continue to hold you and that little son up to our Lord. We know He is mighty and able to do above and beyond anything we can imagine. Delivering your baby healthy is included in all of that! Your posts and strength related in them are amazing. I’d tell you to stay strong, but I have no doubts that you and Grant will. Love to you both. Lois

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