It's Time ...

God speaks and if we are wise, we will listen.  This last week has been one of change and questions … depending on Jesus essential.  God began my day (a few ago) with this note from my brother, Jonathan.   In the moments of time spent with Jesus, he’s been faithful to communicate his plans and purposes to a seeking heart.  I pray it will encourage you as it has me.

It’s TIME:  It’s time to let go and move across the river.  It’s time to leave the shores of the past.  It’s time to cut ties with the past season and cling to Jesus.

Many people have and will be suddenly moving, changing jobs, changing careers, entering new relationships and saying goodbye to old ones. It is a time of urgent positioning.

There will be a time after we let go that we will feel exposed, vulnerable and unsafe.  We must trust Jesus and keep our eyes fixed on Him as we say yes to the future He has for us, much like when Jesus told Peter to come out on the water.

He will turn our mourning into dancing and our weeping into shouts of joy.

In between seasons is the time to praise and worship!  Press in with praise to the Lord!  As we praise Him, He will give us vision and direction. He will show you what you are to do.

God is speaking in real-time.  We are catching up to the dreams and visions we have had.

It is a time to press into intimacy with the Lord.   This will require us to give up things of the world we have clung to.  God is calling us to a deeper level of commitment, of trust and dependence on Him.

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