healing journey part 7: day 2

Mary  … Mary??? Which one? I racked my brain trying to get a grip on where I’d find Mary in the bible.  I should know this!  I however, was unable to come up with a passage and even then … maybe I had the wrong Mary.  When we are weak, He is strong.  Immediately, upon admitting my inadequacy God took me to Luke 1&2.

Zechariah had been told (via angel of the Lord) that his wife, Elizabeth would give birth to a son and they would name him John.  He says, “How can I know this?”  (Luke 1:18)  This was what I had been asking regarding my healing … I just stared at the page … yes, Lord, how can I know this?

As I continued reading, Mary came into view and the birth announcement of the Messiah.  I was reminded that if you were going to trust God in anything, virgin birth would be challenging.  Over and over God was drawing my attention to the word LISTEN in the scripture.  Did I need to LISTEN?  Following was the scripture that has come to mean so much on this journey of love with the Lord.

Luke 1:45   She who has believed is blessed because what was spoken to her by the LORD will be fulfilled.   (And again in my spirit – you will be healed)

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