Healing Journey Part 1: YOU WILL BE HEALED!

2007 brought a promise of physical healing from the Lord.  It has changed my heart and my life and I have no doubt will continue to change me as I wonder and stand in awe of who God is.  2009 began the worst year of seizures I’ve ever experienced.  God worked in and through them and I hold is still bigger than the trials of life.  He is enough!  Another promise came that year revealing God’s method of healing.  This is the first part of a great journey.

Stories Collide:

Here these two stories collide: the story of my epilepsy and Eben’s birth … both are, I believe, a beautifully woven masterpiece proclaiming God’s love and faithfulness.  We have only to look and see through His lens.  I’m seeing that masterpiece more each day.

Epilepsy has been a part of my life since childhood (5th grade to be exact).  This is not the story of the physical journey, but the more intimate walk I’ve been on with the Lord, daily questioning, praising, crying, and even complaining.   It has been a place of struggle, confusion, doubt, assurance, surrender, quiet, solitude, agony, despair, love, hate … it has been for me a beautiful nightmare of grace.  I have not been alone.  God has been with me.  Following is that story and the reason I can say with my whole heart, I’d do it again.  This is a healing journey.

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