When it rains it pours!

When it rains it pours! I’ve heard that phrase several times these last few weeks and it has seemed like the torrents of life have indeed come crashing in.  But, God is holding us together and giving us what we need.  I am continually blessed to be His.

These past few weeks have been filled with graduations (our new term for the death of those in our lives in the presence of Jesus); and with all that has been happening in our lives I fear I’ve been lax to keep up on the blog.  It will continue.  Life goes on and the story is never complete.  Thank you for reading, for waiting, for praying.

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  • Mom

    I like the term “graduation”!!! Also, celebration, cause that’s what it’s all about isn’t it. I am glad you’re ready to write again and feeling better. We love you both so much and pray God’s richest blessings on you!
    Love, hugs & prayers,
    Dad ‘n Mom

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