As soon as I sent the last update, things changed a bit.  The docs came in and let us know they are concerned with Lois’ platelet count.  Short story is the baby needs to come soon.

Thank you for your continual prayer.

grant and lois

7 comments to please pray and continue

  • Jodi Rarick

    So many people love you both and are praying for each of you and your son…never forget God is right there! May His grace and love surround you and carry you through this journey that He has set out for you…

  • Keith and Marty

    We are praying for the Lord’s protection for Lois and the baby as they go through this.

  • Nathan and Misty Marr

    We are praying your you both and for your precious baby!

  • kelsey

    loving thoughts are coming to you from every direction. grace and peace.

  • Praying, praying, praying…. Love you guys so much and cannot wait to see how HUGE God is going to show Himself in this!!! =)

  • Richard Young

    Hey Grant, we are praying for you and Lois and baby to come,and look forward to you being back with the Festival team . You will be missed!

  • brianna

    you have many here in hays praying for you daily! may HE continue to be revealed! He is SO good!! LOVE you lots!!

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