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Photo By: Christa Kimble

Before Eben was born my mother received in her mailbox, mail addressed to me.  It had come to their new home, where I had never lived and using my maiden name, a certain company had very generously donated coupons for baby formula to the “happy couple.”

I received a call soon after. “Is there something I should know about?”  I replied with a laugh and a quick, NO!  The conversation soon became all about baby food.  There was nothing to know about then, but there would soon be; and a few weeks later, I called with very different news.  We were expecting.  29 weeks later, we said goodbye.

Seasons change and they did …

And, two years later I was opening my mail in Nashville, TN.  Looking down I could see something precious peeking out from amongst the other mail.  I am a sucker for colorful mail.  I looked at the pamphlet and realized I’d not received mail from “THIS” company for 2 years; and I’d never updated my address.  Clearly marked on the front page was my new address.  There was no forwarding sticker, just a clear indication that someone, somehow knew where I lived.

The front cover made me smile.  Pictured, was a baby girl in winter wear and the caption at the top of the page read: “Making Babies!”  Lord, is that you?  I knew God could work out his plan through any means (even advertising) and life with Him was no formula, it was a relationship.  I knew those two words, “Making Babies,” were life changing.  Was it really time?

We’d been thinking about kids … wanting them, but needing to heal.  We’d also been realizing we couldn’t wait forever.  The pamphlet stared up at me, it’s silent plea: “meant to be” and the same baby gracing each page with a bold cry towards LIFE!

We’d been planning a trip to Italy over Thanksgiving, so we packed our bags and headed for Rome.  We returned 10 days later accompanied by our daughter.  She is due Aug. 20th and we are excited to meet her.

We’ve held the news longer this time.  I may talk about that more later, but it’s probably time to allow you to rejoice with us as we anticipate the arrival of our sweet little girl.

3 comments to making babies

  • Heidi B

    Congratulations, Lois! So happy for you 3 and will pray for a wonderful rest of the pregnancy and healthy delivery! We’re due with a little boy July 24th, so not too far ahead of you. :-)

  • dirk and cathy davidson

    What joyous news to get first thing this morning! We are REJOICING with you. What a tender story about your walk with the King. Much love.

  • kindra

    rejoicing with you! :)

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