Photo By: Laura Ruth

Photo By: Laura Ruth

There are moments when every part of me is dry.  I need quenched and in the long, dry moments I often don’t know what to say.  How do I articulate my need?  If we need, truly, we are helpless.  Not in the way of physicality, but utterly void of ability to help our spiritual condition.  We have to come to that moment poor.  We must give up control and say, “OH LORD, fill me!” He wants to meet with you!

While retreating, it came to my attention that plants begin to revive immediately upon receiving water.  We just need to get into the streams of his goodness and let HIM restore us.  If you’ve known a barren land, a needy field, perhaps you can relate to the poem below.  It was written, just weeks ago now, by a woman who dared to be still.  Jesus met her and poured out healing rain.   May it be rain for you.

Gather Me Up

My soul is a dry parched land

and my mind is a shattered piece of glass

I cough out the dust

and kick the broken shards to the sky

Oh Lord, Gather me up

Oh Lord, fill my spirit

Oh Lord, Gather me up

Oh Lord, Quench my thirsty soul

My feet won’t move toward you

and my hands are fists swinging wide

I scream out your name in pain

and cry out for healing rains

Oh Lord, Gather me up

Oh Lord, quench my thirsty soul

Oh Lord, Gather me up!

2011- Melissa Duckworth

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  • Lois,
    I love your reflections on the retreat. The line ” but utterly void of ability to help our spiritual condition” is wonderful. You are a talented writer and have an amazing ability to create an intelligent, graceful, thoughtful and artistic sentence.

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