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The Lord remembers us and will bless us.  He will bless the house of Israel; He will bless the house of Aaron; He will bless those who fear the Lord – small and great alike.  Psalm 115: 12-13

Dishes, laundry and deep cleaning are some of the most profound moments.  It was here this past week that I recognized a newly formed lie.   I believed God wasn’t thinking about me.  If we speak the truth in our heart there are these moments … the ones where we “feel” God forgot about us.   We think surely he must have bigger problems he’s handling.  Perhaps we’re “too far gone” and he doesn’t really want to deal with the likes of us.  On and on the lists go and we start to believe lies we allow to penetrate deep into our heart until we are so blinded we can’t even see the God whose been cradling us the entire time.

So, God … in his matter of fact, over the top, amazing love way… gave me my reminder.

My husband is one of the most tech-savvy men I know.  If I have a computer problem, I ask him and he always knows what to do.  I am SO blessed to have him!  Keeping up with technology is important for his work (and probably just fun) and I’ve watched as he’s changed our technological world, as I would never have been able to do.  Yes, I would still be using dial up.

In the process, I started liking his Mac.   I had a PC and Grant had a Mac (silver and beautiful).  Keep in mind, there is nothing about the operating system itself, I knew anything about.  I just thought it was pretty.   In comparison, my little PC was looking well, not p.c.   But, I was thankful, loving my operational skills!

A few months later, having forgotten about my hearts yearning for the silver Mac, Grant comes home and informs me that he’s getting a new computer and I’m getting the silver Mac.  I’m not sure what my face registered, but inside I was jumping up and down.  And this was the moment God placed his finger on my heart and said, Lois, I see you … I want to give you good things.

When you know God knows everything about you and still chooses to give you good things it’s overwhelming.  I knew in that moment God was gifting me his heart.  This was more than a computer with a pretty silver cover and a glossy screen.   God was letting me know that though I hadn’t mentioned it, he knew me … my heart, my desires and he just wanted to say … I remember you.

This word remember isn’t just an, “oops, I just remembered I forgot my sunglasses” right after you’ve locked your front door kind of word.   Remember, in this verse, means to take notice of, to recall, to actually call to mind.  It is causing to be remembered and keeping in remembrance, mentioning, recording, and memorializing YOU!  God is keeping YOU on the forefront of His mind.  And, he talks about you.  Wrap your mind around that!

And there’s more.  He wants to BLESS YOU.   There is a promise here, with condition. He WILL bless those who fear the Lord – small and great alike.    God has the authority to bless.  We have the choice to fear the Lord or oppose him.    Fear the Lord.   Those who fear the Lord walk in blessing.  So, what does that mean?

Fear means to revere, stand in awe of, respect, to honor … some versions actually say loyal followers.  Instead of living in “fear” in the sense of being scared we literally stand in awe of God.  We walk in awe of God and that awe changes how we operate.

It doesn’t say He will bless those who are perfect or he will bless those who always go to church.  NO.  He will bless those who fear the Lord.  That is something that we can’t do on our own.  We surrender our lives and the Holy Spirit works in us what we could never work in ourselves.

But, I’m mostly remembering one thing.  God remembers me.  He remembers you.  He’s not forgotten us.  He is highly invested in us NOW, so much that we’re on his mind ON PURPOSE.

2 comments to highly invested

  • Dirk and Cathy Davidson

    Thinking of you guys and remembered your blog. And was greatly touched by the way the Lord got Lois’ attention. Hey Grant, Lois has also been thinking “new wardrobe”. :) Trust you are well and riding the music world “big surf”.–the Davidsons

  • Cathy Rust

    Hi there,
    I enjoyed reading your comments on how God is highly invested in us and felt very much encouraged. Thank you.
    I do have a quick question and wondered if you may be able to help. The Davidson’s mentioned above, are they the same Dirk and Cathy that lived in London for years and did they go to St. Paul’s Onslow Square, or Holy Trinity Brompton? If so, then we know them and it would be great to re-connect after so many years. Cathy Rust

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