estate sale SYMPHONY

I love errands … the kind you long to finish … the ones that make it feel like Christmas.  I wasn’t opening presents, but the satisfaction of putting the finishing touches on all the last minute details and the idea of saying adios to the presence of unfinished business slathered about my apartment felt good indeed.

And, there was icing on this cake … I was driving in Nashville.  Having been sidelined, off and on for over 4 years, I was back in the driver’s seat, feeling like I’d just been given my permit.  It wasn’t the driving that was the big deal.  It never is!  My issue has always been, knowing where I’m going.

Yes, I’m directionally challenged!  I remember being taught directions specifically in second, third and fourth grade.  I think I remember so clearly because I was trying so desperately to grasp the concept.  And, from all I remember, we learned the map.  “The top of the map is North, and the bottom is South, the left is West and the right is East and that spells WE.”  It was always chimed so beautifully, each teacher having a new variation. There was always a trick to remember.

Not once, however did someone explain how it “really worked.”  In other words … I found out later in life that I could NOT just twist my map and head towards my head to reach a northern destination.  That would always land me in the wrong location.  And, living in a farming community everyone used N, S, E,W directions AND expected me (yes, me!) to know them. Because, after all,  I’m a farmers daughter.


So, armed with GPS via cell phone (thank you Google) I proceeded to use it and unlike every other outing of this nature … the voice direction system actually worked.  ON MY WAY!

I drove, slower than those who actually knew where they were going, but in traffic none the less. As I drove, I  felt myself well up with car fury … i.e. road rage.  Not the outrageous kind, but the kind that leads to a bad word and starts you down a road you just don’t need to go.  So there I am driving and praying … Lord, I do not want to swear, I want to please you  … I don’t even want to think bad thoughts, I need you! Keep me, IN YOU!  Over and over … Jesus I need you.

And before I knew it I saw a sign (a literal one!).  It was for an estate sale (which, let’s face it, I’m a sucker for) so I thought, “do I keep driving or turn? Keep driving or turn?” (I had already passed one yummy looking sale already).  Still and soft the voice came:  ”turn.”  So, in I go and drive and drive and drive.  No estate sale in sight and I start to wonder … WHAT AM I DOING?

And then I heard it.  Like a chorus I’d never heard before,  I knew immediately that these must be the locusts everyone had been talking, some complaining, about.  But, to my ears, they sounded beautiful.  And as I paused God said, “listen to my music.”

It was only a moment and I drove around the block to listen, gaze and continue on with my errands. The moment was everything.  With no thought of yelling at cars I smiled, re-routing from what was clearly God’s special symphony for me … the symphony marked ESTATE SALE!

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2

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