Growth and Change

Two days have managed to drift by since our last appointment for the baby and everything is changing.  Let me fill you in …

Last week? Or maybe it was the week before now, (my weeks are running together) I went to the hospital one more time for bleeding.  I don’t like to consider myself alarmist [...]

Baby Journey Part 4: From Life to LIFE

Since I was a little girl I have wanted to have one thing engraved on my tombstone (that is, if I actually have a tombstone): Swallowed up by LIFE.  I remember reading the verse (2 Cor. 5:4) and something inside me just knew that was it – that was what was going to happen when [...]

Baby Journey Part 3: Peace

Until you have experienced this life giving peace, I suppose it may seem illusive – impossible.  But, in the stillness, where the worry and wonder creep in, we have come to know peace and a calm like a deep, smooth sea.  There is indeed a peace that passes all understanding! (Phil. 4:7)

It had been several [...]